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Aston Acres Miniature Dachshunds

Specializing in well-bred, well-loved, and well-rounded Dachshunds. We breed wire hair, longhair, and smooth Doxies in both the traditional--and the untraditional--patterns and colors.  We're cool like that.

Located in the

Willamette Valley of Oregon

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Home of the Best Pies in Town

Since 2005

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The Flower Power Puppers!

It's a tradition here for us to have botanically-named litters, and this litter is 3rd gen flower children :).  We have four exuberant and fun-filled piebalds here.  These guys were born May 1, 2014. And, they are Aston's great grandchildren!


These Dachshunds are being lovingly nourished on a delicious raw food diet!  Learn more about raw food diets at www.PreyModelRaw.com and wwwRawLearning.com.

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This is Wolfsbane! (But you can call him "Wolfie.") He is a red boar brindle piebald wire hair. Wolfie is a handsome and sturdy guy. He's a sweet boy, but still a wire hair--so he's got the mischief, too! He is the most mild of the bunch and is up for cuddles, as well as pets and kisses :).  Wolfie has an great wire coat; he's got a good amount of hair without too much maintenance. Wolfie a good fit for someone who loves the look and self-assuredness of a wire, but perhaps not the all-out craziness for which they tend be known.  Wolfie is available.


Dachshunds@AstonAcres.com Important Buyer Info

Deposits and finals sales are non-refundable.  Additionally, Aston Acres reserves the right to revoke a deposit at any time prior to the final sale of the puppy if the home is found to be unfit.  It is of the utmost importance to us that our little ones go to special homes where they are loved and they are wanted forever.

This is Juneberry!  She is a smooth chocolate based red piebald.  She's a sweet girl, full of energy, and perhaps a little too smart for her own good. She ought to have been born a wire, because she's got the naughty down, and all the smarts of her great granddaddy, Aston.  Juneberry is available.


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This is Firecracker!  He is a smooth red boar brindle piebald.  He is perhaps the most aptly named puppy we've ever had!  He is a firecracker, for sure.  (He, too, should've been born a wire hair!)  He is bold and intelligent, just as we like our Doxies.  He is very sweet...when he's not needing to go about making mischief (which muchly consumes his activities).  He is full of energy and Dachshund attitude.  He knows who he is and he's not afraid to show it...Kristin would like to keep him!  But he is available :).


This little chub scout is Dindle!  He is a smooth wildboar piebald.  He reminds us of Rolly from 101 Dalmatians, and he's just as cute!  Though, Dindle tends to stomp about, he's a super sweet, outgoing boy and very playful.  He is brave (as a Dachshund should be) and pretty much knows what he's about...though he does get distracted at times (there are some many things in the world to examine and SMELL). And, then, oh that face *melt*.


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This is Juneberry!  She is a smooth chocolate based red piebald. Juneberry is oh-so-sweet and she has the most adorable chocolate based red pie face the world has ever beheld (for reals).  JB is a kind and mild girl...sure, she's be known to chew a few sandals and toes...and fingers.  But it was all in love--we're sure!  She is easygoing and down for cuddles, but will still manage to keep you on your toes.  Just like any naughty Dachshund ought to :).  And, we're tellin' ya, she is like the cutest chocolate based red piebald.  Of all time.  Ever.